Webinar V: Exploring Content Moderation Challenges in the Metaverse.

Last Tuesday 14 November 2023 the Chair for the responsible development of the Metaverse, in cooperation with the G-IPTech Centre at the School of Law of Queen’s University Belfast, hosted the Webinar “Exploring Content Moderation Challenges in the Metaverse”.

The speaker, Paul POLANSKI (Professor at Kozminski University, Warsaw),  shed light on relevant issues such as the challenges of content moderation, previous and new principles on the subject and the legal uncertainties as to what conduct may or may not be considered infringing in the new virtual scenarios. Particularly noteworthy is the extensive obligations of online service providers or hosters with regard to the proper handling of user complaints from initiation (confirming receipt) to resolution (through dispute resolution bodies), including notification to the user of all issues related to his or her complaint.

These conclusions are part of the article that prof. Polanski is currently writing on the topic and for which he received comments from Judit BAYER (Senior Research Fellow at University of Muenster) and Giancarlo FROSIO (Professor of Law, Queen’s University, Belfast).

The webinar was moderated by Julián LÓPEZ RICHART (Associate Professor Civil Law, University of Alicante) and is part of the research activities organized by the MetaverseUA Chair on legal and ethical questions of the metaverse for the purpose of promoting its responsible development. 

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