Webinar: Interoperability in the Metaverse

Monday, 4 December from 16.00 to 19.00 (CET), the Spanish & Portuguese Chapter of Licensing Executive Society International (LESI) and the Chair for the responsible development of the Metaverse are organizing the Webinar “Interoperability in the Metaverse”.

Interoperability is usually mentioned as an attribute of the Metaverse. Thanks to this continuity of avatars, digital goods, and payments methods through different interactive virtual world platforms is ensured. However, for the time being such interoperable virtual worlds are a minority. The present webinar aims to discuss the technical, economic and regulatory challenges that need to be overcome to achieve such objective. For this purpose two roundtables will be held.

In the first one, Rafael ESPINOSA DE LOS MONTEROS IGLESIAS (CEO of Esports Bureau), Antonio PITA LOZANO (Global Metaverse Manager. Telefonica) and Carlos MUÑOZ FERRANDIS (Co-Founder & CEO at ALINIA) will discuss on the technical aspects of interoperability.

In the second one, José Luis AMAT REINOSO (Lawyer of CECA MAGAN Abogados), Irene KITSARA (European Standardization Initiatives Director at IEEE) and Begoña GONZALEZ OTERO (Senior Research Fellow at Max Planck Institute) will explain the regulatory challenges of interoperability.

The roundtables will be moderated by Luis Ignacio VICENTE (Strategic Council at PONS IP) and David FUENTES (Lawyer at Bird & Bird).Please join us and help us to get a responsible development of the Metaverse next Monday 4 December at 2023 at 16.00 (CET). You can register for this free event here.

This webinar is part of the research activities organized by the MetaverseUA Chair on legal and ethical questions of the metaverse for the purpose of promoting its responsible development. If you want to be informed about our activities, please subscribe to our mailing list.

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