Launching of the EMRN's official website

We are pleased to inform you that the EMRN now has a website. As you may know, the MetaverseUA Chair is part of the European Metaverse Research Network (EMRN), which has received funding provided through Meta’s XR Program and Research Funds in order to conduct a multidisciplinary research on the metaverse to explore the implications of this transformative technology. The different research institutions involved in this network -that carry out their research independently but cooperate together under the coordination of Mel Slater of the University of Barcelona- are the following:

Chair for the responsible development of the metaverse of the University of Alicante; Magdeburg-Stendal University of Applied Sciences; The Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research; Poznan University in Technology; Politecnico di Milano; Research Institutes of Sweden; Renaissance Numérique and the “Governance & Regulation” Chair of the University Paris Dauphine.

Don’t hesitate to access the website here to learn more about the progress of the various research projects.

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