The MetaverseUA Chair Newsletter #8 – March 2024

Here we are again with your favorite appointment: the newsletter from the Academic Chair for the Responsible Development of the Metaverse! In the past two weeks, the world hasn’t stopped, and it seems that the European Union hasn’t either. So we haven’t either. We have worked to help you stay updated and kick off the weekend in the best way. Get your popcorn (or coffee) ready, here’s newsletter #8 for you!

The MetaverseUA Chair Newsletter #7 – March 2024

Aware of your remarkable efficiency and understanding that you’ve already gone through all the readings we proposed in our previous newsletter, we’ve crafted a new edition featuring the latest news regarding virtual worlds and other disruptive technologies to offer you a pleasant diversion while we wait for new materials. What can we say, we’re just that selfless… So grab your coffee and croissant and let the day start!

The MetaverseUA Chair Newsletter #5 – January 2024

Greetings, beloved Metaverse enthusiasts!

The MetaverseUA Chair is back in action, and you know what that means… exactly! We’ve asked ChatGPT for crafted with our very own hands a new edition of our globally acclaimed newsletter. This latest issue is set to compile all the noteworthy news in the AI/Metaverse/Immersive Technologies domains we stumbled upon during the Christmas break to help you kick off the year well-informed (our bosses don’t buy into the whole vacation idea, what can you do). So, strap on those virtual reality glasses, and let’s dive in…

The MetaverseUA Chair Newsletter #4 – December 2023


Here we go again! Welcome to the last edition of our cherished newsletter for 2023. In this issue, we’ve compiled the most recent and captivating articles about IA/Metaverse/Immersive Technologies for you to peruse. Feel free to choose the ones that pique your interest, though we highly recommend not missing out any of them—Gotta catch ‘em all!

The MetaverseUA Chair Newsletter #3 – November 2023


A lot has happened since our last conversation. From unexpected poisonings and the Magnificent Seven convening to even a murder… If keeping up with these rapid developments seems daunting, don’t worry. We’ve compiled all the recent news about IA/Metaverse/Immersive Technologies matters for you to effortlessly stay abreast of the ever-evolving technological landscape. So, without further ado, let’s jump right into it.